What would you do…

Louisa Spittler

If I would be granted a basic income of 1000 € per month I would invest all of the money into a fund, in order to increase the actual amount. This would allow me to realize bigger projects in the future without having to change my current spending behaviour.

Arina Silanteva

If I got this money I would probably save it in order to buy some real-estate in the future and commercialize on it. I would also spend more on day-to-day needs, indulge myself in life’s little luxuries. Or I would invest it in a company, become a shareholder of a company in order to get income all the time.

Gamal Wrede

I would definitely start saving for travel, it is so important that young people get out there and see the world. Right now my budget doesn’t allow me to travel as much as i would like to, but that would all change if I received an extra 1000 euros a month.


Timo Daum

With a thousand € I would basically do the same things I already do: go to work, have some sleep, eat and interact socially in numerous ways. Everything would just feel safer, lighter, and the whole social environment would be more evenly balanced, gap between rich and poor mitigated in a way.