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Welcome to the Basic Income Workshop

SRH is proud to present our first ever Workshop on Basic Income. In cooperation with Mein Grundeinkommen and the Exberliner magazine, we give you an evening of working on the issues surrounding one of the biggest economic and social issues this decade: The implementation of Universal Basic Income.
We have gathered a group of activists and academics who will take us through the evening and together we will attempt to answer major questions surrounding this issue. How will a basic income system function? Will people keep working? What role does the newest developments in technology play? How will basic income affect social norms?
Join us on the 7th of July, at the SRH Hochschule Berlin for a different kind of learning experience. We start of at 17:30, a have some of the best and brightest there to help us explore the concept of Basic Income. You will get free drinks and food for both body and mind. And best of all… it is completely free!

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Introduction (17.30)

Guest Speaker and Workshops (1 Hour)

BREAK (15 Min)

Experience of winners of Mein Grundeinkommen (30 Min)

Food and Beverages

Our Speakers

Our speakers come from varied national, professional and educational backgrounds, they all bring their own unique perspectives to bear when engaging with the topic of the evening.  To read more about each of them, follow this link to our speaker’s page.


Hours Duration


People in the audience


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  • Ernst-Reuter-Platz 10
    10587 Berlin, Germany
  • SRH University Berlin is located in the hearth of Berlin and has many conference rooms to host events.

    There are numerous parking options available around Ernst Reuter Platz and the Technische Universität where you can park for free. Easy accessibility also via public transportation.

    U-Bahn Line U2: Ernst Reuter Platz
    Bus Stop: 109 / 245 / M45 / N2 / X9